Techstars is the world's #1 startup accelerator, with programs in Seattle, New York, Boston, Chicago, London and Boulder, CO. Founded in 2006, Techstars has helped launch nearly 300 companies which have gone on to raise over half a billion dollars in capital and currently employ over 2,500 people.

Techstars Seattle was launched in 2010 and has helped launch over 70 high-performing startups here in the Pacific Northwest. Techstars companies are paired with experienced entrepreneurs and executives drawn from the region's most successful companies to accelerate their progress on every front: from product development and marketing to leadership and venture capital fundraising.


Techstars Seattle exists to discover and develop world-class entrepreneurial talent, helping founders from the Pacific Northwest and around the world build high-performing, venture-backed companies.

Why Startup Hall and the University District?

Techstars, Founders' Co-op and Startup Weekend partnered with The University of Washington to create Startup Hall in the fall of 2013, with the shared goal of making the University District the center of technology entrepreneurship in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. We're excited to be co-founders and anchor tenants in the project.

Techstars Startup Programs

What Techstars Community Programs is all about:

Techstars acquired UP Global in June 2015. Integrated into Techstars, the programs are dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs and their communities around the world with action-based programs and community building resources. By leveraging existing strengths within communities and empowering local, grassroots leaders, the Techstars Community Programs are leading the entrepreneurial movement with the belief that entrepreneurship is critical to human welfare and progress. Techstars Community Programs include Startup Weekend, Startup Next, and Startup Digest. The Techstars Community Programs building efforts and initiatives include Startup Education, and Startup Women. Techstars now has a reach in over 110 countries with a network of over 7,000 volunteers worldwide.

Key Goals of Techstars Community Programs are:

  • Double the rate of entrepreneurship in the world
  • Provide local resources to entrepreneurs at each step of their entrepreneurial journey
  • Support the grassroots, startup community leaders around the world

Founders' Co-op

Founders' Co-op partners Chris Devore, Andy Sack (both of whom work together to lead Techstars Seattle), and Rudy Gadre are based in Seattle's Startup Hall, but help build companies that the best growth investors in North America choose to back.

From bootstrap to venture backed, IPO to crash-and-burn, this investment team has founded, led, and exited startups from the first internet boom through the bust, and back out the other side. They know what the founder journey feels like and they back folks who have what it takes. Then they stick with them, no matter where that journey leads.