Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the cost?

Use of Startup Hall is available via sponsorship and desk rental. Sponsorship allows for access to the space for meetings, events and other use at $50,000 per year. Desk rental, available in sets of four or eight seats, is $350 per month.

Who is behind Startup Hall?

Startup Hall is a partnership between UP Global, Techstars, and the University of Washington. We recently discovered we have a lot in common and wanted to try out working together, in a shared space, and invite some other innovators to join us, too. We think it all adds up to a new kind of innovation engine.

Is there parking?

Yes, there are several parking lots nearby. Parking in University-managed lots starts at $141 per month.

Can a Startup Hall tenant have a UPass?

No. The University of Washington’s regional transportation partnership limits UPass use to students, faculty and staff only.

If Startup Hall is full, are there other options nearby?

Yes. The University District is a great place to start and grow a small businesses. If Startup Hall is full, we still want to hear from you. Our community and business partners, will help you find your place in this growing innovation district. We’re here to help! Contact Us.

What is the relationship between Startup Hall and the University of Washington?

Startup Hall is one of three CoMotion Labs. Staffed by UW CoMotion employees, CoMotion Labs provide a place at UW for startups to build and grow their companies.

Why is the UW renting space to startups?

The University has been working for many years with its community, business and civic partners to cultivate a new innovation district next door. We are working in tandem to attract innovative, entrepreneurial activity into the neighborhood, and we are excited about the opportunities this presents for our students.

Why Condon Hall?

Condon Hall is well-served by transit and close to the University Bridge and Burke-Gilman Trail, which enables good access to the rest of the city.

Where do I put my bike?

Covered outdoor bicycle racks are located on both the Campus Parkway and 41st Street side of Startup Hall. But, we want to do better. Help us plan for the future by taking our short survey!

Is Startup Hall only for UW startups?

Startup Hall is open to ANY startups, whether affiliated with the University of Washington or not. Our goal is to help you build your business by getting engaged with the UW. Apply now to join our thriving community of fast-growing startups and gain easy access to UW talent!